Corporate movements are usually stressful, time consuming and causing fuzz.
Our company takes the burden from your shoulders.

   Our professional team will prepare packing, assure transportation and coordinate every action required. We offer top quality, competitive and reasonable prices and excellent services.

   Our colleagues will treat your properties as if they were their personal properties, with care and seriousness. Thus, together with the CityMovers team, moving will become an experience risk free.

   Upon request, our team will provide the boxes for packing your furniture, technical equipment (monitors, computers, telephones, etc.) or documents.
These boxes will have explicit labels regarding the content, the name, the contact data of the client and the delivery address where the property is to be transported and installed. Once reached the destination, the unpacking and the setting of the working stands will be done gradually in each room / department / floor. Of course, we guarantee full confidentiality of your information, data and documents. The involvement and the high degree of professionalism of our team will make moving easier than ever!
Transportation of your goods is an issue as important for you?
Nothing simpler; we are here to support you!

Our specialized team offers professional solutions:

- local and interurban transport, in a quickly and effective manner
- safe and precise handling solutions
- delivery in due time

Our goal is to satisfy and exceed our customers expectations, through efficiency, professionalism and innovative solutions.
If you decide to move into a new home, contact us! We are here to offer our assistance in:

- estimating the volume, assessing the conditions of access, tips on packing
- preparation of goods, packaging and sealing based upon particularities (cartons, plastic sheet with bubbles, paper, etc.);
- dismantling furniture;
- protecting the furniture during handling and transportation by using appropriate protection materials;
- transportation to the new residence
- assembling the furniture and placing it in the desired location
- unpacking and retrieving the used materials (scrap packaging, etc.)

Because we are treating your property like our own, you can be sure that even the most fragile item (china, electronics, etc.) will reach its destination safely, being treated by our team with the greatest care.